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    Don't beat yourself up, if anything it's a bit of a reality check: how quickly they can disappear :-/
    I took my three kids 6,3 and 2 for a walk around a lake, 3.6kms to do one lap. Dd 1 (6) was riding her bike, dd2 (3) riding her bike and ds (2) in pram. Dd1 was going ahead a bit and then stopping and waiting for us to catch up. This was fine, I had told her she could go a little ahead but then had to wait for us. We got half way around and I could no longer see her! There were some slight bends so I kept thinking she'd just be around the next bend waiting for us. No she wasn't so by this point I said to dd2 she had to ride fast as we had to find dd1 so I started jogging but had to slow down for dd2. I didn't know what to do! There were quite a few people traveling in the opposite direction so I asked a lady if she had seen Dd1, the look on her face was absolute fear until she then said yes yes I did see her!! Anyway it felt like forever but we got to the end, which is a park and I *knew* she would be there... She was sitting on a swing. I couldn't get too close because I was so relieved but totally furious! I called out to her and she started running over, happily, until she saw my face!!! Through my clenched teeth I told her to go get her bike and get in the car and think about why I was so mad! She understood. I silently cried on the way home.

    My other most recent event happened at dd1 school. I had my two little ones with me as it was a special morning tea thing on. I had them both at my side and was making a coffee talking to another mum. I finished making it and turned around and said to dd2 where's your brother? As she said she didn't know another mum pointed up towards the car park and as I turned to look another mum was walking him back down to me. As I got to her she said he had run onto the road....in front of a car!!😳 I felt like s%*t :-( I am normally so safety conscious, friends even pay me out about it!! But in the 30 seconds to a min I was distracted he ran!!
    Thankfully dd1 school is very small and everyone drives very slowly through the car park, also the mother who ran after him has her own young son who used to be quite the runner and she is very fast ! ! I felt crap that I had let him get away but I didn't have the fear part as I didn't even know he was missing or in the car park until it was over.

    Hope you're not feeling too bad!!!

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    Oh I completely sympathise. There's nothing like the terror of losing your child, even for a split second!
    I have had many, many issues with my DD and running off. Wrist strap or I'll take the double pram out with me. She won't be doing this to me again!

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    When DS was about 5, we lived in a remote community in the top end of Australia. One weekend, as a treat, DP took DS into the city. They were staying in a pub/hostel type accommodation. DP had bought DS a detective/spy kit toy. Of course DS wanted to play with it, but had to wait until they got back to their room. DP had to go to the toilet, DS was told to play with it the room and when DP was finished he would take him outside to do some detective work. When DP came out of the bathroom, the front door was open and no sign of DS. It was getting on dark. DP searched the room, then started around the hostel, it had nooks and crannies everywhere. After about 15mins, DP's panic started to set in, he could not find him and was just about to call the police. His phone rings, it was the police, DS is at the police station!!!
    How he got there? DS had ignored his dad's instructions and went investigating by himself. He had walked out the main entrance and was standing in front of the hostel when 2 young women driving by saw him. They stopped and asked him where his parents were.....his reply "Dad is in the pub, mum is at home." So they took him to the police station.
    When DP got to the station, DS was sitting on the counter being fed minties not upset or worried, poor DP was relieved but stressed and to make him feel even worse he was read the riot act about leaving his son while he went to the pub. He explained what really happened but was not sure he was believed.
    Our DS was an absolute terror for running away so we always wrote our mobile number on his upper arm so it was covered by his t-shirt, DS knew to show this if he got lost.
    I wasn't told any of this until they got home, DP didn't want to worry me. Yes, l would like to be worried, thank you all the same. When l questioned DS about why he got in the car, his reply, they said they would take me to the police station, l wanted to go to the police station and show them my detective stuff.
    I thought we had taught him enough about strangers but apparently not so, it was reinforced all the time after that incident.
    He still got lost every now and again...couldn't turn your back on him for 2 secs, thankfully he has grown out of it.
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