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    I get the guilt trip. My mum is the same. I would just change the plans back and make up an excuse as to why it just had to be that day.

    She may or may not be going away for the weekend. You ARE having a high tea. If she wants to be involved she will find a way or she can organise her own thing with you.

    You said yourself that she doesn't understand that she can't reorganise someone elses plans. she won't understand if keep allowing her to. You will enjoy it better without her anyway. You will just feel guilty that she interfered with your IL's anyway if you went with the later time.

    I love the train your mother idea.

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    I think I'd make whatever plans and then even not mention them to my mum.

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    Your mum was definitely in the wrong. IMO if you are invited out by others you don't try and change their plans to suit yourself, that is rude. So by saying she won't cue for food she was trying to dictate where everyone else ate and that is wrong. If she didn't want to eat there then she should have politely declined.
    I also think she was in the wrong for having a go at you when you are not the one making the plans.

    I'm not sure what I would do tbh. I know I would like to tell her she had been rude and owes you an apology but I was also raised to respect me elders especially parents so would struggle to speak like that to my own mother.

    I think perhaps make whatever plans suit your mil and sil best then ask your mother if she can make it and offer no alternatives. If she wants to go then it is up to her to fit in with everyone else.

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