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    I went back to work 2 days per week when DS was about 9 or 10 months. He was at family day care and loved it. I was able to express at work and he was happy to take bottle. For my son I found it great as he never had separation anxiety. I cried the first day but it was so liberating to be able to leave him.

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    I was the same with my boy, I think most mums feel awful when their first child starts daycare. You're normal!

    Most children adapt well though and do things that they wouldn't at home. My DS1 doesn't sleep in a cot or have his dummy there, but I'm having trouble transitioning him to a bed at home! He also eats like a champ at daycare, but is a fussy sh!t at home at the moment. They watch and copy other kids. The carers are generally very experienced with all types of children too.

    Don't make a judgement on 2 days though, that's not long enough. It took my DS weeks to stop crying at drop off (I felt like the worst mum), I'd call an hour after I left and he was fine. Now he high fives me and runs off to play


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