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    Default Older childs toys vs toddlers toys ... how do you make it work?

    My 6yo ds is about to start school holidays and I want him to be able to do his Lego, Electronics kit, play his keyboard, etc without my almost 2yo getting in the middle of it. But, my dd adores her big brother and whatever he is doing is what she wants to do. She can open doors, so him going into his room & shutting the door won't work and it's not much fun for him anyway as he likes being near me. She constantly steals his mouse mat of his computer and gets in trouble, but she does it over & over again. So, telling her not to touch his Lego/etc is not going to work.

    Do other families manage this? She has plenty of her own toys, but her big brother & his toys always seem more interesting. Basically he's just not got his Lego out for ages and the 2 kids play together, but I know my ds wants to do stuff that's more age appropriate for him, at least some of the time.

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    Oh dear, isn't this the age old question? I remember getting frustrated with the exact same thing when my baby brother was born. Would it work to buy baby friendly versions of the toys that bubs likes, like chunky blocks, a baby keyboard etc so that they can play together but separately? I think it's one of those things though that we probably can't stomp out completely because even adults seem to be most interested in the things that other adults are playing with! Lol

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    Yes, I have this prob also..my DS1 is 7 and DS2 is 2. Basically at the moment my DS1 keeps his lego in his room, and plays with it there. DS2 will go in and bug him if he is in there playing and he often wedges his door shut (resulting in tantrums!) DS2 doesn't bother to go in there when DS1 isn't there as really he is only interested in being with his brother not what he is actually playing with.

    What about a baby gate across your DS bedroom door? I cant see a way your son is going to be able to do lego in an open space without being annoyed by the toddler....let me know if you workout how to stop the toddler whirlwind!!


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