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    Default A shout out for my husband.

    I've always known that I have a great husband but sometimes I forget....
    Yes we fight but we always make up.
    Hr us my besr friend. He is my rock. He holds my hand, tells me he loves me tells me I have a rocking body even after two kids. He gets up to feed thd baby if ive had a hell of a day. He loads thd dishwasher, thanks me every night for dinner, brings the rubbish out, gives my toddler a bath every night and does the bed timr routine. He is a great father. Never complains. Will get up and change a nappy without being asked. Thanks me for folding his clothes. Helps me with thr groceries (which is much easier now we have thr woolworths app!). He lets me sleep in every couple of weekends by taking the girls out. the list goes on.
    He is not perfect, but he is my prince.
    I would be lost without him. I came from a family with a loveless physically abusive parents. I never knew marriage could be this wonderful.
    Im so lucky I have him. Ten years ago we were just a couple of teenagers in love. Now we are a family. Now we are a foundation. I thank God for him. My girls will grow up knowing that their dad is wonderful and they will be filled with happy memories unlike me.
    Ladies, kiss your husband! Hold on to him coz you might just have one of the good ones. It saddens me that alot of women arr struggling with domestic violence and have no where to turn. My mum was this lady. It took her many beatings to walk away... but shd did. Shr broke the cycle. I love her for that.
    Anyway just wanted to share a happy story! I LOVE MY HUSBAND! !!

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    Love it!!! And I'm in the same boat .... They don't need to be thanked as much as we crave it .... So sometimes there the unsung Heros :-)
    Cheers to hubby's!!!!!!

    Me 27
    DH 29
    Married 4yrs
    Together 10yrs
    DS 5
    Ttc 3 months


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