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    I had some very similar thoughts to you. I did not want an epi at all and I only wanted my husband at the birth. I had a hard and fast labour with no break in contractions from the first to the last with a lot of back pain. I remember thinking during that time that I could understand why people opt for an epi, it is HARD! I reminded myself that it wasn't going to last forever and millions of other women had given birth before me. I found great relief in water injections in the back (saline injected just under skin in four or five different sites). It relieved my back pain and I founs things so much more bearable after that. I wished I had done them so much earlier. Apprently they can do them in the tummy too but most people don't ask for that.

    I only wanted my husband at the birth. I was worried aobut offending my mum but explained to her that I didn't know how I was going to react and I can get snippy when in pain and I didn't want to be concerned about offending her. I asked that she be at my house though so if I did need her she could come up to the birth centre. We were home within 2.5 hours of the birth and mum got to have a lovely cuddle of our new little baby then. I think she was fine with it although I am sure that she would have loved it if I had asked her to be there too. I have no regrets about the birth experience and would do it the same again. It was lovely to just have my husband and I there.

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    I had an epi and no catheter, I don't remember any pain when it was inserted and lost most feeling in my legs after the 3rd top up, dh helped me to the loo before every top up.
    Keep an open mind when it comes to pain relief, I wanted no assistance, ended up induced to speed things up with the epi, episiotomy and vacuum but can honestly say I had a great experience
    Like pp's have said in regards to support people, it's up to you who you feel comfortable with.

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    I was petrified of the needle in my back prior to going into labour and was dead against it for that reason. But once labour started it got so painful that I begged for one and I honestly I didn't even feel it go in. I was having gas so that might have stopped me feeling the needle. I was just so desperate for some pain relief that they could have thrown a brick at my head to knock me out and I wouldn't have cared lol!!

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    If you want to avoid an Epidural I would reccomend using water (shower r bath) and staying upright and moving around. I really found the book Juju Sundins active birth skills helpful. Gas is an option too and can be good in combo with the shower.

    Of you opt for an Epidural The catheter is usually removed at pushing. It will generally be reinserted if you have a very heavy block (can't stand), or a instrumental delivery with a bad tear.

    In regards to who to have at the birth it's whoever makes you most comfortable. I had my mum come once things got really hard and I wanted to get in the birth pool. (had a homebirth and she lives 2 mins away) .
    She really calmed me down at transition. So for me it was a good thing to have her and DH there.


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