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    Default Colds with and without fever

    This maybe a stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer on google.

    What's the difference between colds with fever and colds without fever?
    I know fever is occurred when the child is fighting off an infection like cold and etc.

    DS used to get colds often when he was a baby never with fever, since he turned 2 I have noticed that every time he has a cold he also gets a fever around 38ish, no other infection. Sometimes the fever can last days.


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    A cold can include a low grade fever- http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/com...CTION=symptoms I dont think there is much difference tbh

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    Heres how to conceptualise fevers in kids ....

    if the child has a temp but is active (running round, playing) AND there is an obvious focus for the temp to indicate a viral illness (a cough, runny nose, etc) then the child is fighting the infection well and you can continue to observe the child at home.

    if the child has a temp and LOOKS SICK (not interacting, just lying there, sleeping all the time, limp, floppy, won't settle, upset) AND/OR there is NO OBVIOUS FOCUS for the fever, then the child needs to be reviewed by a doctor and investigated.

    For example, the classic missed diagnosis we see are urinary tract infections (no obvious focus) where the child has a fever +/- vomiting and goes undetected for a period of time.

    General practice points -

    If the child looks unwell its always worth a trial of panadol to see if they bounce back.

    Prolonged fevers >39 usually spell trouble and need to be seen.

    A temp of 40 should be seen by a doctor.

    if the child has a headache and a fever think meningitis.

    If the child is <3months with a fever all bets are off as the immune system has not matured enough to fight infections, and this is one of the arguments for continuing to breast feed so the child has some degree of protection from you. Fevers in this age group should be reviewed quickly.

    For the purposes of this post a 'temp' is over 38c

    Hope this is helpful ...
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