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    The only time my breasts feel very full and hard is when she sleeps 6-8 hours.

    My girl is stacking on weight and my breasts often feel pretty soft avd empty avd I rarely ever get a letdown feeling.

    Go by lots of wet nappies and weight gain

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    They have a growth spurt around 6 weeks so that could be the reason for the seemingly constant feeding.

    From memory DS fed every 1.5-3 hrs at that age. It varied so much. And feeds would take around 45 minutes.

    As for your concerns over preferencing the bottle, yes this can lead to supply issues if they aren't feeding from you as much because the bottle is easier. Honestly I'm surprised you were recommended to introduce a bottle at such an early age.

    If it was me yes I would stop giving those bottle feeds and get back to the breast. If you have been expressing anyway your supply should be ok at the moment but while expressing is easy in the early days it does get harder once your supply has settled. For example, I used to be able to express 100 mls directly after a feed, now I would be lucky to get 30mls. Your body gets better at making just the right amount for baby, and baby stimulates you better than a pump.

    I second the pp who said pay attention to swallowing. If there isn't swallowing then she probably isn't feeding but comfort sucking (using you as a dummy). This isn't a bad thing if it isn't bothering you as it stimulates your supply.

    As for stressing, trust me when I say it is hard not to, but you have to try not to. Stress can affect your ability to let down and can also have negative affects on supply.

    At that age I didn't feel let down during feeds, only at random times between feeds. Now I only feel it during feeds. Some people never feel it. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong.

    Just watch your baby and go with your instincts. In time you will learn to trust them more. You are doing a wonderful job. Hang in there.

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    My bub is 6w4d and is demand fed but in saying that if she goes longer than 3 hrs in between her day feeds I'll feed her.

    She feeds quite quickly now and can drain one breast in 15 mins max. Sometimes she has only one side and other times she'll have a bit of the second breast. Sometimes she'll almost drain the second breast too!
    I think of her feeding like us adults- sometimes we are starving and sometimes we aren't as hungry.

    As for the let down I'm not sure as I've always had quite noticeable letdowns but I think it's normal for some women never to notice them. My boobs are still hard in between feeds but I expect that to settle down soon. My DD is over 5kgs now and stacking on the weight but more importantly she's happy content and alert with lots of heavy wet nappies.

    As PP said I'd stop expressing and just keep putting bub to breast. Make sure you're drinking a glass of water when ever you feed too.

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    My 3.5 month old son has always fed only about 10-15 minutes for both sides, every 2-3 hours. I've often worried that he's not getting enough milk cos it's so quick, but when he pulls off there's milk dribbling down all over his chin, and he is putting on a good amount of weight. I notice the letdown happens a few seconds into the start of the feed, so I think a lot is coming out at that point


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