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    I was 10 or 11 I started shaving my legs when I was 10 & had another friend in primary school who also got her AF early so I asked her. My mum gave me some terrible dodgy 1960 esq info book that terrified me lol. So I asked my older sister & she took me to get pads tampons etc I had a friend who started in yr 8 at school in class & she was so terrified. Had the whole patch on her skirt & everything so I told the teacher who discreetly let me take her to toilets gave her pads cleaned her skirt & gave her my jumper to wrap around her waist & took her to office so she could go home.

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    One of my friends got them in year 5 on a class trip so I think every girl in class got the talk after that, I did lol. Mum asked what I knew, which was a fair bit thanks to dolly and girlfriend magazines, showed me a pad and a tampon, opened a pad and showed me how to put it on my undies and told me about tampons. This was like a year before I got them but she showed me where she kept them, in a bin next to the toilet, so I could grab whatever whenever I needed it.

    She was very straightforward about it, this is what it is, this is what you do, you can tell me when you get it or can keep it to yourself kind of thing. I just remember my sister being there because she needed to be involved in everything. I was almost 12 so she would've been 6 and she was so unbelievably disgusted by how to use a tampon lol

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    I got mine when I was 11 - the day before school camp
    I told mum and she went out and bought me pads and just gave them to me expecting me to know what to do with them!
    I didn't want to go on the camp, but she made me. I was crying because I didn't want to go so she told my teacher. I felt yucky and when I told the teacher and asked if I could have panadol or something she just told me to deal with it and not to talk about it again!


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