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    Can you afford a cleaning lady? Just for some essentials each week? Bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping?

    I think you & your hubby need to find a balance in work loads & chores too. Don't feel that as the woman you are responsible for chores. Maybe list everything that needs doing & agree responsibilities taking into consideration his availability. Being a mum is work too & that needs to be factored in!!

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    I work full time and it's just a case of prioritising- yes I could vaccuum every 3 days but the floors don't look a lot worse if they wait another 2- we have 3 kids here full time and 5 on weekends so I do 2-3 loads of washing a day and more on my days off. I bulk cook and it seems to work

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    Ive got a few (probably really obvious) suggestions.
    1) Could you afford a cleaner even once a fortnight? Because for me that 2hrs in which both bathrooms got scrubbed, the floors got mopped etc. saved me hours and really wasnt too cost prohibitive overall.

    If this isnt an option then my ideas are:
    1) Make a schedule and do your best to stick to it. So on your non-work days plan a list of to-do's and then on your work days only do the minimum. Ask DH to take your child out on the weekend for an hour or so and in that time tackle one big job on a rota basis (e.g oven/fridge one week, shower the next).
    I try not to do any extra cleaning (except the one thing mentioned above) on the weekend so only the kitchen clean up after meals, cooking and a load of laundry gets done so I get a 'break' too.
    A nifty way to still get things done with a toddler is to 'include' them if possible. So give them some socks/dish towels to fold or give them a cloth to 'dust' as well, let them play with the measuring cups while you are wiping down the kitchen.

    2) Do make sure hubby has even 1 or 2 jobs that he does regularly (e.g outside jobs and vacuum once a week) and set it in concrete. That way you dont have to nag and he knows what his responsibilities are and can fit it into his schedule wherever he wants.

    3) Menu Plan - if you are not a big fan of freezer meals don't do it but have a strict plan of what you are cooking that week/fortnight. This saves time as you only need to shop once a week, you can plan slow-cooker meals/quick meals for your work nights and you can plan ahead in terms of using left overs and even prepping some meals at once (e.g if Salad is on the menu two night in a row just make one big one on the first night to use).

    But with all that said go easy on yourself its hard enough managing work and a toddler without managing a household as well

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    I clean the bathroom and fold washing in the bathroom while my 2 and 3 yr olds are in the bath.

    I clean the windows and dust or wipe tables and let them "help" by wiping down with paper towels or spraying the windows. It takes twice as long but they love cleaning and we get to hang out.

    Cleaners aren't as expensive as you think especially if you only get them once a fortnight and its so nice coming home to a clean house

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    I never did come back to thank you all for the suggestions. Things have improved a little bit, seemed to be more on top of things. DH agreed to cook dinner 2 nights a week (1 of those is on the weekend and we are usually out but oh well)
    I have also got DD more involved with the house work too, she loves chucking the clothes in the washing machine and pressing the buttons.
    Still need to be a bit more organised but I'm doing ok for now


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