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    Default Anal sphincter help!

    Hi everyone!
    DD was born in in a quick drug-free birth in Nov 2009, and I had a 3rd degree tear Class C (I tore all the way to the anal sphincter, and the sphincter muscle was holding on by a thread). I had to go to under general anaesthetic straight after birth to be repaired. it was VERY long recovery, with painful BM for about 4 months, psychological scarring etc etc. Since then, I've never actually had a 'poo accident', but when I need to go, I have to get to the toilet asap as I don't know how long I could hold on for. There is a sense of urgency that wasn't there before birth. However, it has not been too bad, and I still have control.

    (I've since had a second baby in Feb 2012 via c/section).

    Present day (3.5 yrs since the tear happened): For the past two weeks I have noticed that I am always aware of my sphincter throughout the day... if that makes sense. I can feel it all the time. It feels like it is going to drop out of my body or something.
    It feels like something is pushing against it from the inside and trying to get out, like it wants to open up all the time (even when I don't need to 'go'). I'm also having a harder time holding on to to gas.

    Has anyone with a 3rd/4th degree tear experienced problems a few years after the birth, even though you may have been fine before that? What can I do about this?! Help!
    TIA xx

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    I haven't experienced significant tearing, but the way you describe the sensation sounds like it could be a prolapse, have you been to your doctor for a look?

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    I can't offer any advice, other than go to your GP and get a referral to a specialist.

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