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    Default Hiring a cleaner for the small things you can never get around to

    I keep complaining to DH about how much bl00dy cleaning I have to do, but never seem to get past the basics of dishes/ bathroom & toilet/ vac'ing.

    Things on my list I can never get done are:
    - dust timber venetians
    - clean skirting/ windowsils/ marks on walls
    - bleach mould spots starting on some ceilings
    - clean glass lourvers & sliding doors
    - dust fans/ picture rails

    DH suggested hiring a cleaner to do these things once in awhile. Just wondering if anyone else hires a cleaner for the little things they can never seem to get around to, if it's worth it, and how often you get them to come?


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    We did hire a couple of cleaners when we were both working 60-80 hours a week. One would clean while the other ironed. Hey stated for 2 hors and cost 80 box I think.
    I didn't like the idea of acing someone in my house while we are away so let them go..
    I know work less anyway.

    I bought some enjo products and the one to clean up glass is absolutely fantastic! The results are better than ever! You use water only and it takes 10 min for a double d'or window..

    There is an other one for the oven that is awesome as well!

    If you don't want to commit to a regular cleaning service you old get someone to do a big one off big clean including oven, fridge, windows, maybe carpets etc.... If you do that every 3 months ...

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    I hired a cleaner on a Friday each week for 2 hours. She would do different things depending on the week, I'd leave a list. There was a rotation of duties such as fan blades, skirting boards, windows/louvres including the dust and pet fur on the security screens, then I'd add in any basics that might be needed like a general tidy of the lounge area putting things back where they belong, we were pretty organised so everything had its place and was easy to find where it belonged, also toilets and bathroom if I hadn't gotten around to it, or the floors, but that would depend on the week. Generally the windows took longer than other duties so nothing else would get done in the 2 hours that week. I found that it was worth it because that way we could do the washing for the week on a Friday evening and have all day Saturday and most of Sunday to do our own thing. I'd iron our uniforms for the week on a Sunday evening and watch some tv at the same time. I wouldn't have to be thinking how there was so much extra to do because I really can't handle dusty screens or grubby fan blades but felt bad spending all day Saturday doing those chores. Once we had the cleaner coming in, there was so much extra time to do things together on the weekend. I'm not working at the moment so pretty much do everything during school time but when I'm working again I'll be getting another cleaner in.

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    When I was about 30 weeks pregnant I had cleaners come in and do the things I couldn't get to and hadn't done well enough. They cleaned the bathroom really well, the kitchen including fronts of cupboards, vacuumed really well, mopped, etc. They charged $35/hour with a 3 hour minimum which worked out really well for us. I found it was much easier to keep up with keeping things clean once they were already good.

    I also had them come back and do the same thing while I was in hospital after giving birth.


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