Hi Ladies,

I myself have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while now. I recently, after keeping it to myself for quite some time, reached out to family & friends & slowly started talking to collegues. It was amazing actually, once I began to do that how alone I actually was not. So many people, people who I never would have thought to have suffered, have.. far more than I could have ever imagined. It prompted me to start a support page on facebook and the response has been so positive. It is mainly to share inspirational quotes, tips, have questions posted anonymously for others to give advice on and to just not feel so alone!! There are others who just get it!
The page is more of an uplifting one, but feel free to post whatever you wish (or just sit back and observe if you prefer)
Some of you ladies have already "liked" the page and I hope you are enjoying it.
The link is:
Thanks for reading!