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    Thanks windupbird. I think it's trying to change positions. There was lots of movement last night which was quite painful and my belly was taking on some really weird shapes lol. Haven't had much movement today so can't work out position yet but the ones I have felt are all in the middle of my belly. But not up high where its feet should be. I don't have the stretching on both sides so maybe that's a good sign

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    My third turned himself oblique then back head down again at about 39 weeks, then transverse at 40 weeks. I had an ECV and he stayed head down after that but they kept me in hospital for a couple of nights just incase but he stayed high up out of my pelvis til I had a few pre-labour contractions the day before I went into labour. It was pretty stressful thinking I might have to have a c/s, but agree with others not to worry til closer to your due date

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    I'm currently 31weeks, 3 days pregnant with twins who have been transverse since about 24 week scan. My placenta for baby a is also low lying.
    A scan today revealed that baby A may just be starting to move to a more head down position, as not quite so sideways and butt is moving up. Baby B has head between my ribs and body down my right side, whereas was transverse at 30 weeks.

    They move a lot and have flipped head from left to right previously quite frequently (includng from the beginning of a scan to the end of it). I was hopeful that the fact they could move heads to either side and back, that they would move head down (or at least A would do so).

    Placenta just needs to shift away from cervix a little more too, but none of the Drs have said that babies wont move to the right position nor that the placenta wont move, so seems they think sufficient time for that to happen still, even with the likelihood of earlier delivery due to twins.

    Fingers crossed for you!


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