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    Default 8 week old wont sleep during the day

    My 8 week DD started off sleeping in my bed until about 2 weeks ago when I finally managed to get her to sleep alone in her crib. Her routine was
    8am wake and bottle
    8:30am we would head out in the car to take dad to work and she would sleep there and back totaling about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes she would wake when we got home and stay awake
    11:30 bottle
    12:00 bed
    3:30 - 4 wake and bottle
    4:30 another sleep in the car to pick dad up and then would stay awake until about 9 go to bed wake once for feed at about 4am

    But the past 3 days she won't sleep during the day at all her night time sleep is the same. I have tried everything...lying down with her, pushing her around in the pram, letting her cry nothing works she will fall asleep for 10 mins and then wake. i dont mind her being awake but she will scream unless I am holding her. I don't know what to do. I can't get anything done my house is a wreck please someone help!!

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    I'm having similar problems with my 13 week old so Im interested in any responses. She fights sleep so I now feed her to sleep and it's taking longer and longer. She will usually have 3 naps a day between 20 mins and an hour. She is a happy content baby but I know she needs more sleep.

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    Do some research on the 4th trimester. It helps you to understand what a young baby needs to be able to sleep and sleep for longer periods. My friend's baby was the same and had virtually not slept at all in the day since 2 weeks. He slept pretty well at night though. She had good success with a nurse that came to the house and showed her how to get him to sleep (no crying involved) and then he resettled with help for the first time ever. That was at 11 weeks. That was in Melbourne but I'm sure they help on the online/phone too. I know she used white noise (loud) for him sleeping and special way of rocking baby. It was www.parentprep.com.au that helped.
    Both your bubs are young and really need more regular sleep. It's so tough, my first was insanely unsettled. One of the things I found that helped was a motorised swing, it did the work of moving baby and I could have my hands free and actually eat and go to the toilet!!


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