My right ear has been driving me insane for the last 4 years. It feels blocked, like I need to 'pop' it... as much as every second. Sometimes it's worse, and sometimes it's slightly better (requiring less frequent 'popping), but in general, I'm about ready to stab myself in the head!

I've been seeing an ENT for a couple of months now. He's performed a myringotomy (small incision in eardrum) about 5 weeks ago. I wasn't entirely sure if it helped or not, but I think I may have had some slight relief, because now that it's properly healed over, my ear is as bad as ever. My next and final option is to try a grommet. However the ENT seems to not think that it will help much, but is willing to let me try it. He also said that if a grommet doesn't help, there is nothing else that can be done.

I'm becoming increasingly desperate because I am in constant and severe discomfort and essentially being told that I just have to live with it. Surely with all the medical advancements in this age there has to be other options!

Has anyone else had this problem, and what course of action did you take?

ETA - I've had an MRI and a brain tumour has been ruled out.