Hi everyone,

My 5 year old sweety DS2 has started school this year (Kindy NSW) and his teacher. with whom we have an open discourse, has suggested exploring some occupational therapy for DS2 for gross and fine motor skills (both of which are currently lagging). eg: he is very uncoordinated generally, is left-handed and is having trouble writing and cutting out (for example). He is not finishing tasks at school, although the intellect and knowledge is there. Great social skills, verbal communication skills, reading skills are good, just struggling with the slowness of the writing and motor skills generally, and he is starting to be 'left behind' due to slowness. He also has very poor eyesight (+10 and +11), although no problems with seeing at school thus far.

Last week he won a prize for trying hard at sport. Yay!

He is extremely placid and agreeable and is always happy and is oblivious to his slowness. Perhaps it is his nature to be slow and that's okay?

We have booked him in for an 'assessment/ first appointment' with an occupational therapist in 3 weeks. I guess we are hoping they may be able to give us some strategies to help him along.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Did you find something that really helped? Any ideas how I can help my son improve his motor skills (we already do extra cutting and writing at home and take him to play in the park with a ball and so on). I want to help my little sweety so any advice would be appreciated

Thank you