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    Default 11 month taking forever to go to sleep at night

    Hi everyone,
    Looking forward to hearing any suggestions. I have an 11 month old who can take up to two hours to go to sleep at night. I have recently just increased her wake times for naps as she started cat napping again with success, but taking forever at night.
    Her schedule goes some like this;
    Wake 630 (WT 2hrs and 50 mins)
    Nap 920ish (sleep for 1.5hrs)
    Wake 11ish (WT 3hrs and 15mins)
    Nap 215ish (sleep for 1.5 hrs)
    Wake 345
    Dinner 5/530
    Bath and bottle
    Bed 630/7

    Last few nights I have put her down at 630 instead of 7 thinking maybe she is overtired and that is why it's taking so long - no such luck. She appears tired when we put her down (yawning, rubbing eyes) and then 10mins later there is a party in her cot. She isn't crying, she is squealing, talking and having a great old time. There are no toys in her cot just dummy's. She finally puts herself to sleep at 8/830. We do go in once or twice to put her dummy in, roll her on her side and give her blanky and say goodnight - but that's it.

    Sorry for the long post. Unsure if its developmental or two much sleep during the day. Thanks for any advice

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    My DD was just over 12 months when she started having just 1 sleep a day. It was for about 3 hours but meant she went down better at night BUT trying to keep her awake till 11am'ish for her sleep was really hard.
    Good luck

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    I think maybe she is sleeping too much in the day for 11 months 3 hours is a lot.

    i would maybe try 9:45 for the first nap, then 3:15 for second nap, but don't let bub sleep past 4:15.

    Do you have a set bed time each night? Make sure you keep bedtime consistent. I'd say 7:00 if you wake bub at 4:15.


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