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    Default First period off the pill

    Sorry for the tmi but I just wanted to see whether this sounds normal...

    I stopped the birth control pill in Feb and just got AF back starting Monday morning.
    My flow is extremely heavy (going through a Super tampon in an hour and leaking through 2 overnight pads during the night). Is this normal?
    Before going on the pill I always had a medium flow (as in first day heavy-ish though never this heavy and after that just less and less - could easily leave a tampon in for 6 - 8hr with no problems) and once on the pill it was quite light so I've never experienced this before.
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    Could be completely normal for you.

    Take no notice of what your 'period' was like on the pill, it's fake anyway and in no way resembles what is actually normal for your body.

    What your having is my normal flow anyway. Heavy and horrible

    If your worried, always check with your gp

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