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    I'm not pregnant. I don't know if I ever will be again but I already decided not to tell anyone the names. I kept it a secret with my first and it was lovely having that surprise for others. And also I didn't put up with any remarks or insensitive comments. My other two I picked their names while pregnant and referred to them as that. Got comments all the time.

    The only other option is pick a name and refer to the baby as said name and then when baby comes along give it the name you picked all along. A decoy lol. Then if someone steals it you get the last laugh.

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    I don't think I'll tell everyone the name but maybe a few names that we pick out. Probably just close family Etc.

    I don't really wanna tell my SIL though because she can be very judgemental. Ie when I mentioned at 5 weeks that I don't know if I'll breast feed... She pretty much upped me in front of everyone saying how important it is and it's not fair on the baby blah blah... So I can image her putting her 2 cents in for names.


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