Hi all mums-to-be! First of all congratulations on your pregnancy!

Less than 35 weeks pregnant?

I'm studying to be a midwife at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. As a part of my studies I need to do a continuity of care journey with 19 women over the duration of my degree.

If any of you are pregnant or know someone who is and would like some extra support and care this is a great way to get it!

It includes having little meetings and me coming along to antenatal appointments, postnatal appointments and labor and birth as an optional event.

This program is about building relationships and supporting women through their pregnancy so that I can build on communication and woman-centred care.

It includes a minimum of 15 hours of contact and follow up care 6 weeks after birth.

You can withdraw from the program at any time.

If anyone is interested don't hesitate to contact me via email or inbox on acdrew002@myacu.edu.au

I am happy to travel, live in hawthorn/kew area

Allie - student midwife