First of all I'm making an appt this week to see a GP about this but i thought i might ask here just to see if anyone can relate.

Since having DD1, my periods have been incredibly painful (they never used to be this bad before pregnancy). To the point of tears, feeling nauseous 2 days before my period is about to start and a lot of pain "down there" for the first few days of my period. The pain down there is similar to the pain I had after childbirth.. its very painful and I have to take lots of panadol.

I had my baby 8 months ago... its been a long time.. I thought the painful periods were something to expect soon after having my child but by now I thought things would be much more normal.

Also I get very emotional the week before my period. Irrationally emotional, bursting into tears over anything, crying uncontrollably (for example yesterday I cried 3 times, this morning I woke up and burst into tears). Feeling very depressed, moody and just plain awful.
I believe I do have some form of PND but am noticing a pattern here where the week or few days before my period is about to begin I become a completely different person (extremely depressed, reaching an all time low). My husband has noticed the same thing as well.

I also have a tiny pain on my left ovary (feels like an internal bruise) and it hurts every now and then but its a tiny pain, like having a bruise and it doesn't hurt all the time..

Anyways, I'm seeing a dr about this but thought maybe others could relate or had any idea what it could be? maybe i have a hormonal imbalance?