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    Yes it changed mine totally, as soon as I had DD I knew I couldn't go back to work and I had no drive to continue my career and I'm loving being a SAHM and have no plans to return to work.

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    Yes it has changed.

    I love my job and am happy with my career but I'm loving being on mat leave. I will go back in a year or so but my partner and I agreed that ill only ever work 2-3 days a week while our kids are small, I want to be home with them for those foundation years. When they start school I want to have the time to take them to extra curricular things. We're lucky we're on a good wicket so can afford it, but we'd sacrifice other things to do that.

    I'm going to start a law degree part time and I do want to keep working in my chosen field because I feel the need to try and make a small difference in the world. I'm happy though for it to take a backseat while my kids are small. I still want to have time to take them to preschool, make hats for the Easter hat parade and stay home with them when they're sick.

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    I have always been career driven and hoped to climb the ladder thinking I wouldn't have kids. When my dh and I married (I was 32 he was 39) we just thought we weren't interested in having kids. I had my dd late last year and have been on leave from work. She was very much n planned. .. and I don't miss work one bit. In fact. ..I b wouldn't care at this stage if I never go back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kw123 View Post
    I'm still as career oriented as I was and couldn't think of anything worse than being a SAHM long term.

    I am realistic about my career now that I work part-time (which I love and am grateful for!) and know that I won't get promoted or be able to take on as much project work as I used to, even though I enjoy it. But that's ok as for now I am happy with the level I am at and not looking for progression in the next 2-3 years.
    This is me also. I love my children, but i also love my job. I'll probably never work full time but will work part time (3-4days/wk) and schedule shifts around my family life etc but i can't not work. Its my stimulation, my adult interaction, i get to see my friends, it provides me with the challenges i need apart from what to cook for dinner or getting all the washing done in winter IYKWIM.
    I'm still on mat leave (46wks paid leave) and i'm really really really struggling not working. My mum, my DH, close friends have all said to me i need to go back to work! I am happy to have this time with DD...but...i need to go back to work for my sanity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberleygal1 View Post

    If you do your study op could you go back to work part time maybe if you decide you don't want full time? At least then you can keep your skills up in case you want full time later on. Then it wouldn't be a waste for you.
    I'll definitely be going back part time after mat leave.

    That's the thing, I know I'll always need to work to maintain a lifestyle that DH and I would like. I don't think I'll want to be a SAHM but, as per this thread, who knows what I'm going to want once bub is here.

    I also hear the PP saying if they're going to be away from their kids then they want it to be something meaningful. I've often thought about that too but I've had what I thought was the perfect job but to me work is work, no matter what I'm doing. I hate to say it but if I'm going to have to work anyway is like to have a good earning potential.

    Thank you for all the responses so far, they're definitely helping gather my thoughts


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