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    Quote Originally Posted by 4underfour View Post
    I can give you some answers as I used to do them all the time.

    Without knowing where the lump is on you, I'll assume it's somewhere like in the thyroid or a lymph node somewhere on the body.

    It is either done with or without ultrasound or ct guidance. A very small but long needle is inserted quickly into the lump and then jiggled around quite briskly. This is to get the cells into the lumen of the needle. I then hand the sample to the pathologist who looks under the microscope to check some cells are present.

    It's all very quick and fairly painless as the needle is so small. No anaesthetic is given for the same reason.
    Thanks so much for this 4!!! It's good to know what to expect! I called this morning, and they said they don't have a pathologist to check the sample, but the guy is really good at what he does.

    Quote Originally Posted by London View Post
    I had an unknown lump in my breast. I had an ultrasound on it and then took the ultrasound (and notes) when I went to get the FNA. I have rather small breasts and the lump was clearly visible so they didnt need the ultrasounds to find where the lump was for the needle to go in.
    I have a needle phobia but it had to be done. They 'sucked out' some of the lump and it didnt hurt....felt kind of grainy though which was kind of gross. Biggest pain was just the small pinch of the needle when it went in. Tiny bruise afterwards but nothing major. Took a few minutes in total...nothing major.

    Mine ended up being a fibroadenoma...non cancerous. I had it removed with an operation the following year.

    ETA: I had DP come with me.
    Thanks London . I'm glad you got a good result too. He was wondering what it would be like, it's good to hear from people who have had it done. Thanks again.

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    I had several lumps on my thyroid done last year. They wouldn't let Dh in with me. I had Dr and nurse doing the fna and q scientist who checked the sampole there to check they got enough cells. They covered my face so i couldn't see the needle going in. They gave me local first but it still hurt. I think they didn't leave it long enough to work. I served lumps done and i was out within 25mins.

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    I had FNA's on my thyroid every 6 months over a 4 year period before I had my Thyroid removed. They just do a local in the area and then do it under US. It doesn't take that long and most of the time I have had my DH with me unless it is in an US room that they do not have room for someone to sit with you.


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