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    Quote Originally Posted by march2013 View Post
    My baby is already tracking on third percentile so if she drops she might not even be on the chart! 😳
    Is that for height and head circumference as well? Because it's all relative to that. If Bub is on 50th percentile for height but not very much in weight then they could be considered underweight.
    Eg my daughter is under the 3rd percentile so sge doesn't even make the charts but she's like that for everything. So for her tiny height and small head her weight is just fine. She's in proportion. Is your Bub in proportion?
    Think of the big picture not just one aspect.
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    A gain is a gain. And remember their weight gain dose tend to slow down around 4 months.

    Is the chart you are using the one in the book from the hospital? As that is based on formula fed babies also so isn't a true reflection when exclusively breastfeeding.

    Check out the latest WHO chart for girls here. You may find she is actually higher than the other chart.


    I learnt the hard way that you have to trust your instincts and take what the MCHN say with a grain of salt. DS went from 200-260gm gains per week to average of 80-90gms and they had me in tears that I was doing the wrong thing.

    As for being on the 3rd percentile, remember for there to be a 3rd percentile there were 3% of the babies in the study on the same growth line so you aren't alone.

    Also look at weight gain on a monthly basis (so if weighing weekly add it together to get the average weekly gain) as one week might be a low week, and the next a bigger one.

    Ds is now 7 months and has averaged 80gms per week since 2 months old. He is a happy, healthy baby so I have learnt to trust that over the numbers.



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