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    Default My great sleeper has turned into a horrid sleeper HeLp

    My 14 month old DD used to be a fantastic sleeper sleeping straight through 12hrs a night BUT in the past 2 months it has been horrible she wakes every night and won't go back to sleep as a result of the crying etc not just me but the whole household is exhausted
    I have tried everything thought it may be pain/teething so I tried pain killers and natural remedies I have tried making her warmer/cooler we got a heater for her room tried turning her night light out thinking maybe she was just more aware of surrounding tried putting her in bed with us even that doesn't work NONE of the listed things have helped at all!! Only thing that keeps her calm is to sit in the rocking chair but as soon as we put her in the cot it all starts again until she gets exhausted about 5am (then she gets up at 6:30)
    Any ideas?

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    How many day sleeps does she have? If she's still on two naps, try her on one nap. I've heard that the night sleeps can go awry around this age if they're transitioning to one nap but they re still getting 2 naps


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