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    Default Separation Anxiety only in the house

    My DS is just over 2 years old. We took him to the dr yesterday and got a referral to see an OT regarding his separation anxiety with his dad.

    The weird thing is it is only when DH is around that the anxiety kicks in. DS will happily wave to daddy as he leaves the house, and no problem. But if we are all home and DH leaves the room etc he will go into meltdown. He is always asking "daddy coming back?" to which I tell him he is but he doesn't register it, hr can ask 30 plus times etc. this of course if also causing bedtime/sleep issues. My good little sleeper has to have daddy, and most nights he now ends up in our bed or DH on the floor of his room.

    I don't really get a look in when DH is around but on the days I don't work (2 days a week) he is fine with me, substituting DH for me as daddy coming back will turn into mummy coming back.

    Anyways, I am hoping the OT can help us with what to do for this behaviour but thought I would see if anyone has experienced the same thing.


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    I havent had this problem to this extent but found when little miss had days when she was more clingy I would let her know where I was going and approximately how long I was going to be gone for- e.g Mummy is going to the laundry I will be back in 3 minutes- I knew she understood where I would be and that I would return-sometimes it helped. It also helped that at least she knew where to find me if she was anxious


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