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    Default ear fluid and hearing loss

    Not sure if this is in the right section but here goes...

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have fluid in your ears and NOT have hearing loss?

    DS1's audiology report says he has fluid in his left ear (Type B tympanometry) and his right ear suggests "possible eustachian tube dysfunction" (Type C tympanometry). Despite these results he passed the hearing test.

    The audiologist wanted to wait 4mths and test again but I took him to our GP who has referred us to an ENT specialist. He can obviously hear us (though I don't know how clearly) and recognises phrases like "lets hang out the washing or bath-time" as he runs to the correct room but he has a speech delay (only says 2 words repeatedly - he's almost 2 years old). I'm just confused as to why he is passing the hearing test and understanding phrases when he supposedly has ear issues, and the speech delay would suggest he has trouble hearing.


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    My DD1 has recurring issues with ear infections and she has had 2 hearing tests with another one due in the next month.

    Both past tests it was confirmed that she had fluid in both ears.

    Her hearing has been affected slightly, one ear is worse than the other.

    Sometimes, especially during/after a head cold I can tell she has hearing issues because she'll switch off in a crowded/noisy environment, she'll stand right in front of the tv, she'll say "what?" a lot.....other times she'll get a cold and her hearing seems fine (can hear me sneakily open a choc wrapper when she's in a room at the opposite end of the house lol).

    So, my DD1 is very hit and miss. Sometimes it affects her, other times it doesn't.

    If the fluid is still present when we go back then we'll need to be referred to a specialist too.

    All the best!


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