I have been TTC for almost 8 months and as I have very irregular periods it is hard to know exactly when I ovulate. My last 6 periods were, 29days, 26days, 23days, 28days, 22days, 27days. So as you can see it is difficult. I always tested twice a day from the last day of my period for up to 16days and never once got a positive result. They were either a single line or a very, very faint double line, never a dark double line.
I had been doing some reading about Maca and decided to give it a go. I bought some capsules and have been taking 2 a day for a week and on Saturday I got my first positive OPK at 12days and was so excited. It could be a coincidence but I think it is the Maca. So for anyone having trouble I say to give Maca a go. I bought 120 capsules from a health food store for $25 (maca power brand)
I really hope I get my BFP!!