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    My workplace has a policy that you can't have direct reports unless you work full time. It's ridiculous really, I used to manage a small team and now I still have quite a few clients but no-one to assist me. It basically means I have a full time workload that has to be done in 3 days a week.

    I think it's completely doable, provided you have competent staff and you are willing to take important calls and keep an eye on emails when there are issues.

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    In my experience, not only does it depend on the role but more so on the capacity & commitment of the individual in question. If the part timer just wants to come & go, you often don't get the best results. They need to be committed to managing the load and having appropriate measures in place during that time out of the office.

    I've been a part time manager & had to do a full time load during reduced working hours. So senior managements expectations didn't change at all. It was tough on me as I did everything I could to avoid the impact on my team.


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