Hi ladies
ok I'm doing my head in now... I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago I was 6 weeks along when it happened and was all nautural had follow up scan and no tissue remained and bleeding lasted like a normal period 5 days for me. So here I am 6 weeks later waiting for AF OR possibly bfp! As we did try straight away as the doc said it was ok and I'm impatient.
my cycles before my miscarriage were 35days, so I took my first day of bleeding as my first cycle day however I am we'll overdue and yes I know there are all those others factors to consider like when my hcg levels dropped etc. I know I ovulated a little later than normal and so today would be 14dpo and I had some pink discharge after going to the loo which I remember have IB with my last pregnancy but it was exactly 7days before AF was due. Is this too late to be IB this time? I have been getting all the pulling pinching sensations again. Anyone else have this??