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    Default D&C experience at Logan Hospital

    Just wanted to share my experience with the Logan hospital. I think a lot of people don't think very highly of it being in Logan but I have definitely had a wonderful experience there in such a horrible time.

    I started bleeding 2 weeks ago at 7 weeks pregnant, saw my local GP who referred me for bloods and Ultrasound - those tests came up okay, they dated us at only 5 weeks 4 days so the HCG levels were low but all matched those dates. After another week the bleeding hadn't stopped and i was experiencing pretty bad lower back pain so went back to GP. He didn't send us for anymore tests, just said to cross out fingers and if the pain gets worse or bleeding increases to go to the hospital.
    Put up with it for another couple of days but the day before we were 9 weeks my back pain was pretty severe, bleeding was getting heavier again and i was feeling light headed and dizzy so went up to the hospital. From the very beginning the staff were very kind and understanding as I was pretty upset. That night they took bloods and did an internal check but couldn't tell me too much as they didn't have the needed Ultrasound equipment after hours. My HCG levels had gone up from my blood test 2 weeks ago but was nowhere near where they should be. So said they would refer me to the early pregnancy unit who would contact me within the next 48 hours. I received a call from them the next afternoon and they asked me to come down within the hour to have the ultrasounds and see the doctor there. Unfortunately they were unable to find a heartbeat during the ultrasound so our fears of miscarriage were confirmed. They discussed 3 options with us - letting the process continue naturally, taking medication to help it pass or having a D&C. We decided on the D&C as we just wanted it over and done with and i was definitely well and truly over bleeding. They booked us in the following morning. Being a saturday pre-op isn't open so we had to check in via Emergency. Arrived there at 6am to take the medication that helps dilate the cervix and then had to wait a couple of hours. Again the staff were all very lovely and understanding. Got called for theatre at 8am and I was prepped by the nurses in emergency who were fantastic again. Got taken over to theatre and met the nurses and Surgeon. i was pretty anxious as this was my first time in hospital and again they were all so kind and talked me through everything. The anaesthetist was called to an emergency with a baby so it was delayed a bit there but the nurses made sure i was very comfortable through the wait.
    After the procedure was complete they were able to find me an empty double room so my husband and i could have some privacy and the nurses in the ward were really lovely again. they kept me there for about 4 hours to ensure i ate sometime and was fairly pain free. I was given the option to stay the night or go home - home was definitely my preference. The surgeon came to check on me and gave me the okay to go home. He was only very young but super lovely and has obviously done a great job as there were no complications and i have experienced very little discomfort other than some lower back pain last night. Today (day after) i'm pain free.
    They were also very kind and understanding to my husband ensuring he was okay and offered him support as well. I thought this was amazing as i think men often get forgotten about during this time.

    Sorry about the novel, I just really wanted to let other women in the Logan area know about my experience so they have no hesitations on going there. When we fall pregnant again if i have any complications i would definitely have no hesitations on going there again. As devastated as we both are about loosing our first baby, I feel a lot more relaxed about the process and have definitely received all the support we could have asked for. Thanks to Logan Hospital.

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    I'm glad you are able to move on now and had the care you needed. I know someone who works there in ED - and they are lovely and been through the experience of losing a bub themselves. Take care.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Thanks for sharing that. It is great for women to know in your area what options there are especially since the medicine option isnt always available.
    Do you know if they used an ultrasound to guide them in your D&C?
    I think I might start to make a list for us all.
    Thanks again.
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