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    Default Sleep Issues at 2 - 2 1/2

    My 28 month old little boy, Josh, has just started playing up at bed time. Up until this point he has been a dream sleeper. Bed at 7.00, sleep all night and up at 8.00 (when woken). He has just started screaming at bed time and now gets that upset he is making himself vomit. The 1st night it happened we thought he might be sick, but this Is now continuing and it is like he is making himself sick. We are still kind of having a win, as he is eventually going to sleep in his own bed, but after about an hour of screaming, a vomit, cleaning up, some more crying and then finally falling asleep. Part of the problem is that he now gets out of bed and opens up his door, whereas before he just went to sleep... Any suggestions, what do I do? My first child was an awful sleeper and is now 9 and really has only started sleeping through the night in the last 12 months. I can't do that all over again and to date we have been so strict with Josh's sleeping, never having him in our bed, letting him cry a little to self settle . Thought I had it all worked out with this one, but this vomiting thing is throwing me.!!!!

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    I think you need to stick to your guns, It may just be a faze he is going through or even just a bit of boundry pushing to see what he can get away with. Its amazing how determained little kids can be and also how far they can go (to the point of vomiting). I'd keep the routine the same, If he gets out of bed put him back without talking to him, just keep putting him back. Also maybe see if something is making him scared etc. Lastly, try a reward chart. I hope it all works out for you, remember your not alone

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    We've just been through this with my now 25 month old. Part of it was because he had a broken collar bone and was restless and struggling to get to sleep but it continued on after it had healed and was causing him no issues. He would make himself vomit or poo so we would have to get him up and change him (effectively getting what he wanted to be taken out of bed) its taken a lot to break the cycle but we just stuck with his routine if he vomited or pooped we clean him up without saying anything at all no light on in his room and put him straight back to bed where he would grizzle for a few minutes and finally drift off to sleep. Then came the night wakings up to 5 times per night (prior to this he has never woken over night except when unwell and even as a newborn I would have to wake him once a night for a feed or he would sleep through it) he was calling out for cuddles which resulted in wanting to play or watch a movie or sleep in our bed its honestly been a nightmare as has lasted for almost 3 months now! We have stuck to our guns quick 5 min cuddle and straight back down to bed no lights no talking nothing exciting just plain old boring and he has stopped waking he has been going down and sleeping through without issue for the last 2 weeks now so it was just a phase he was going through I don't think it would have lasted quite as long if he had not broken his collar and if we'd stuck to his normal routine from the get go instead of trying to find other ways to get him back to sleep nothing works for him except settling in his own

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    Has he been unwell, my good sleeper went psycho at bed time for a week after she had a cold. Turned out she had an ear infection and after two doses of the antibiotics and she was back sleeping. Good luck.


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