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    Just wondering, will she eat those things for other people?
    One of my partner's sisters (now 10) has always been fussy. She's gotten better as she's gotten older, but even when younger we always had more luck getting her to eat things than her mum did. We never offered her any alternatives, and if she didn't eat a meal then she MIGHT get some carrot or a piece of fruit an hour or two later... otherwise she'd have to wait until the next meal/when she went home.

    I don't know whether it was that she KNEW we were serious & wouldn't offer an alternative, that it was a different environment, that at home she might connect trying a new food with having to eat it regularly.. whatever it was though, she would eat/try things she refused to at home, and some of those things she would then eat at home when she decided she liked them.

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    As a child I hated any food that was mixed together or combined - so would eat the elements of a casserole but not made into a casserole and would like my pasta plain with anything on the side. I didnt even like sandwiches. Texture was a big thing (the mix of textures mainly). As an adult I eat almost anything. I would let her eat her food the way she likes as long as it is healthy - it was awful to me when I was forced to eat things I didn't like and I would definitely choose to skip meals rather than eat something like lasagne or a casserole.

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    DD#2 is the same. She would choose to skip meals rather than eat a casserole or lasagne etc. She doesn't even like to sit right next to the rest of us at the table as she doesn't even like the smell so her seat at the table for dinner is one of the end ones.

    She doesn't even like flavour in her milk. And sandwiches for her are ham or vegemite but she eats extra bits seperate. She even prefers a bread roll just as it is with no butter or anything. She absolutely hates jam or honey etc. She will often just have a couple of slices of plain bread and then eat something else seperate. She even only eats plain vanilla yoghurt.

    I figure, she's just a very plain/bland eater. But then she loves practically any fruit. She prefers her fruit non mixed too. She will eat fruit salad but will eat one piece at a time and won't just spoon a couple t pieces on her spoon.
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    I think pigs might have been flying somewhere in the world over this weekend because DH actually got DS1 to try new foods, how you ask well it was bribery. We are going on holidays in July and each child (except the baby) have got their own money tins to put pocket money in so they have their own spending money and DH put $1 in his tin each time he tried something new. I really don't like that he did it that way DH got him to try it but I am really happy that he not only tried it but like everything he ate


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