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    I hung with the "wrong" crowd at 15/16 and used to get drunk and smoke all the time including in front of my mum. Alcoholism runs in my family but funnily enough I grew up to become a non smoker and only an occasional drinker. Not sure where I stand yet. I think dh fantasises about watching the footy and having a beer with ds when his old enough (he grew up without a father).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bond Girl View Post
    I don't have any links to hand no, but most are Mediterranean countries where life expectancy is actually a big longer in some cases due to the diet too. I firmly believe it's better to introduce alcohol responsibly in the family rather than young people thinking they have to go out and get drunk as part of the experience. Teaching how to enjoy it in moderation, a glass of wine with dinner, is fine imo at age 16. Less temptation to go out getting drunk behind parents backs. And moderate, sensible drinking will in no way lower life expectancy.

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    Ok thanks. Like I said it's something I see said a lot but am yet to see anyone show a study or research showing that it's actually true.

    I agree with alcohol being safely introduced but not sure I'm happy, personally, before 18. If they can wait til their 16 they can wait til their 18. My parents gave us the odd drink before 18 and I still got rip roaring drunk from around 14.

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    It really depends on upbringing.

    I am of Croatian/Irish decent. I was raised having a shandy (albiet weak) at special occasions from a younger age, then from teens a glass of beer or small wine or two when the family was having drinks or again special occasions.

    Then as I got older (later teens) it was wine at dinner etc...

    I don't think I ever had an issue with booze. I rarely drank too much. I didn't party hard although I had freedom and opportunity.

    We had alcohol but it wasn't in great quantities, not sure if that made a difference. It was just part of our culture. Alcohol was normal and not some big deal.

    I still love wine at night now! And beer in summer.

    My DH's little brother (a year younger than him) has always been just let to drink whatever he wanted from about 13. (Dont' get me started on other issues with his upbringing). He has never been able to handle himself, gets into trouble etc. But there was no monitoring. He was treated like an adult. Whereas when I was growing up it was a definite line.

    Each family is different but if you are going to introduce alcohol to your kids it should be controlled.

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    Yes I think I will be letting my kids have a taste or two. My parents understandably had a very negative attitude to alcohol (both my grandfathers were alcoholics) so we were banned from anything related to alcohol. Which of course only made it all the more attractive & taught us no skills to deal with it when we were *cough* exposed.

    Anyway I don't think alcohol in itself is the issue, I think it's about life skills, self respect & having other fulfilling interests/hobbies/social circles. If I had those things in place I wouldn't have been interested in alcohol.


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