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    Default Advice needed! Spoon feeding & weaning.

    My daughter is 5.5 months. She has had the occasional bottle of EBM or formula and took them really well. Now I have 2 issues. The first - I would like to gradually wean her from the breast - and I thought I'd drop one breast feed a day per week. However as soon as I attempted to give her a bottle she refused it! She has never done this before! She just plays with it in her mouth and chews it. I'v tried EBM and formula with no success (hubby tried as well).
    My second issue is - she has zero interest in being spoon fed. I tried rice cereal both plain and with fruit mixed in and she hardly opens her mouth and when I do get some in she gags then vomits it all up.
    So at the moment I've stopped all of it. Any suggestions?
    My little boy was bottle fed from 8 weeks and I had no problems introducing food with him at all.

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    I believe at 5.5 months there is no real reason to be concerned over your DD not wanting solids. If she's not opening her mouth she's definitely not showing interest and so I think you're right to stop and try again later, maybe wait at least 2 weeks and wait for signs of her readiness (watching intently when you eat and opening her mouth then, losing that tongue thrust reflex etc).

    As for the bottle she won't starve herself if she doesn't take much from the bottle - I would try again at the same feed the following day and the day after and see if she picks it up. It's a bit much to expect a baby to master something first time, it will need practice. Maybe try distracting her with something whilst she has the bottle? Not that I recommend it in the long term but try turning the TV on or something?

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    As pp said it sounds like she is not ready - maybe give it a few weeks and try again or even skip the purées altogether after 6 months and maybe give Baby Led Weaning a try she can feed herself as little or as much as she wants


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