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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Marigold~ View Post
    Yes she has just learnt to pull herself up. She still sleeps in our room and she will just stare at us from her cot, her little face peering through the rails... naaww.
    Lol.. so it's very difficult to get her back down now. Last night she spent the entire night in our bed because I just could not get her to settle in her cot. Speaking of which, she is sleeping her cot as I type this, amazingly she didn't stir when I popped her down for her nap after she fell asleep in my arms.
    She will grow out of it, I think it's a phase most bubs go through when they learn to stand - hopefully the novelty will wear off soon

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    I've got the No Cry Sleep Solution on kindle but haven't actually finished it - perhaps I should get onto that!!

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    Do you have a good routine leading up to sleep.

    I would start with a routine so that bubs knows what's coming next.

    If you aren't adverse to crying i would do controlled crying. You could try really short intervals 2 minutes, then 5, then 6, then 10.

    If you don't want her crying without you there, then I would put her down and sit next to her cot and pat and shhhhh her until she sleeps then once asleep leave the room.

    Gradually I would reduce the patting and just keep your hand on her tummy (or back if she is a tummy sleeper) but continue the shushing.

    Then take your hand away and just shush, then reduce the shushing to quieter and eventually none at all.

    Then you will end up just sitting there until she's asleep (gradually reduce these things over a number of days/weeks).

    The routine will be the biggest thing that helps though no matter what method of settling you use.

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    My first born was 12 months when I left his father and started seeing dp so he was all out of wack, but from birth I had rocked to sleep so I'm guilty of the rid thingy too lol. I used to have to spend 45 mins to an hr in ds1s room settling him and if u snuck out of the room all he'll would break loose. I was going nuts. So I tried controlled crying. Same bedtime and routine every night. It was hard hearing him cry, sometimes it would be for like 20 mins and I know not everyone can do that, or agrees with that but seriously it was the best for us! Took about a week and he was self settling. Ds2 is almost seven months and he has been a self settler since birth.

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