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    I have been a single mum since i was 5 months pregnant and joined this site years ago to get support from other single mums only to read posts and never actually write. Today I write....
    I have been on my own for 4 years now and have started seeing someone, he is actually an Ex from years back, great guy and we have been best friends for years. Just worried if its right, do i feel so unsure because of how my DS's father left me (5 months pregnant, been togther 5 years and only married 6 months) or is it because we arent right and should stay as friends. I dont have any divorced friends and this is not something a married person understands. But i have never been in a relationship as a mum, i have never had to share time between DS and a partner. I feel pulled in all ways, NP (New Partner) is ready to settle down and i keep pulling on the breaks and saying we will look at it at the end of this year. He wants more kids, and with our ages we have to start this soon but i just dont know what to do. Any help would be great.

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    That's a tough one, I think being a single parent you are more aware of the hurt that could happen not only to you but to your kids too and that's scary! As parents you are so protective of your kids.
    If it didn't work out do you think you could still be friends after?
    Can you see a future with him?
    Do you want the same things?
    Why did you break up last time?

    All things to consider.. Good luck!


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