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    Quote Originally Posted by beebs View Post
    Yeah, before I became staunchly pro vaccination, I had a few shockers, rubella when pregnant, whooping cough whilst travelling overseas, the next year chickenpox while travelling overseas again. It absolutely changed my mind completely about vaccinations.

    With the WC - I was misdiagnosed and told it was a chesty cough, so I was I was on planes, on tubes, on buses, travelling to different countries and spreading it around. vomitting after every bout in public, turning purple, blood vessels in my eyes bursting. I had it for 3 months and felt like I was going to die.
    Geez you did have a tough run of it! You poor thing, i guess you weigh up being sick when you could have potentially prevented it, why wouldn't you protect yourself, noone wants to get super sick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clementine Grace View Post
    Gosh you poor thing it really makes you so weak doesn't it. I had the barky seal cough for about 5 months, and then still had a cough for another 4 months. It totally wrecked my lungs, I'd cough every morning and all night. Rest is really all you can do, hope you get some relief soon
    Thanks CG I hope so too, coughing fits have reduced but sneezing and breathing and sleeping is agony, just have to dose up on painkillers so i can manage some sort of sleep and not move at all while in bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by EvaandOllie View Post
    I think I read the same, if not similar, story. It made me go and get my 4 year old the vaccine that we had accidentally missed at 18 months and not yet got around to catching up on!
    I think i read it somewhere through FB or something, but yeah it was very shocking to hear that this poor boy had nothing else wrong with him but just died from Chicken pox

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    I havent read the whole thread or the article as the whole anti vax thing infuriates me more then just about any other topic. I can only imagine though. Is it from the AVA..? Thing that I dont get is they are not happy to have vaccines but if there child does get a vaccine preventable disease they are more then happy for them to have the truckload of medication they'll need and the enormous amount of medical intervention that might be required. It just doesn't make sense.

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