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    My dp has 2 children from a previous relationship and I have 1 18 month old. We had decided to start trying again, although my dp is more than happy with 3. I did fall pregnant but am losing the pregnancy now.

    i am seriously considering leaving things the way they are. I have severe skin issues and need medicine that is not comparable with pregnancy/ bfing. Plus taking our family to 4 means massive, massive changes like house, car etc.

    i am also 38 so I don't have ages of fertility left. Part of me thinks I should be happy with my family as is but I worry I may regret this down the track.

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    My DS is 15, I was never ever having anymore children so he has grown up as an only child and is a well adjusted, responsible great kid! at 33 I decided I wanted another child and talked DP in to it it took 2 mc and 12 months and we now have a 6 week old DD so effectively I have 2 only children because of the age gap. DP has a 10yr old DD from a previous relationship and we have her every 2nd wkend. However I know I am done now I feel our family is complete I couldn't imagine having anymore.

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