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    Default So.. Hair cut..

    This is a momentous day.
    I have finally worked up the courage to go and have a hair cut. And style. And I want it short.
    For the majority of my life I've had long hair, and when I was younger that worked. As I've gotten older (Oh me oh my, the ripe age of 23. I'm practically in a nursing home here) my hair has gone fluffy and poofy and looks like I have a permanent squirrels tail attached to the back of my head. And it doesn't matter what I do to change it, short of straightening it. It's always in a pony tail, so why bother having it there? It can either only be pony tailed or plaited, or it takes me forever to straighten it and it doesn't last too long when it is.
    I need ideas of what I can do to my hair.
    I REALLY like Halle Berry and there was a time in my life that her longer/short hair would have worked. I had her cheek bones and everything. But now, as is the way, I've put on a bit of weight in my face so not sure if it'll work or not. Still thinking I might give it a go anyway.

    Ideas please, ladies?

    Edit: I have NO idea what happened to my spelling. Apologies, ladies.
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    I love concave bobs... really short and layered at the back and a drastic angle down to the longest point at your chin.
    I like having my hair like this as it only takes a few minutes to run a straightener through the front and get my hair looking semi respectable.


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