Hello Everyone

My name is Jess and I am a Registered Nurse and currently completing my Midwifery Studies in the Sunshine Coast.

As part of my course I need to find willing mummies who are pregnant who would be interested in having a midwifery student follow their pregnancy. It is called the CONNECT Program and is run in conjunction with my university (USC) and involves me attending antenatal appointments with you, providing you with support and information, be with you at the time of your birth if you wish and to visit you after your baby is born.

I understand that not all women would like a midwifery student to follow their pregnancy but at the same time I think it's great as you will have one constant person with you throughout your pregnancy until the time of birth.

If anyone is interested or know of anyone that would be interested in the Sunshine Coast area then please email me and we can discuss it further and I can give you more information.


Jessica (jessb3008@hotmail.com)