Hello everyone,

I have been reading bubhub and following so many stories for so long and now I need to turn to you all for some help!

I am 13w3d pregnant. I started spotting at 7w1d and have spotted nearly everyday until 12w6d and the only reason it stopped was bedrest. I mostly spotted but some days had a rush of blood and the colour was anywhere from brown to bright red. At 7w1d my baby was measuring perfect. Now it is measuring about 7 days behind. My Ob started seeing me early and scanning me in her rooms every week where we saw a very active bubba each time. Growth was continual but slowly started to drop a day here and there. My Ob said this was because she felt my placenta wasn't attaching well and I was losing nutrients that the baby should have been getting to grow. My baby is an IVF bub from a frozen cycle (FYI). My Ob never mentioned this to be an issue until after my nuchal translucency scan. My NT scan went well, no abnormality's identified, all looked perfect. My bloods changed the result. Risk of DS is low 1:890, but risk of Trisomy 18 is 1:25 and Trisomy 13 1:130. The ultrasound specialist made a big deal of the Trisomy 18 and 13 which scared my husband and I senseless. We were freaked out when we left. They have recommended an Amnio which we are due to have in a week and a half for the Trisomy's but since the NT scan my Ob is now concerned about the placenta and the baby's size, saying it could be because it is Trisomy or because the placenta has issues with attaching. I have asked so many times should I be resting to let it take and she has said no, to just go about normal duties and if it is meant to be it will. We have opted for the past week for me to be on mostly bedrest and just pottering at home with no housework etc. I have not bled since. I am so hopeful that if the bleeding has stopped the placenta may have taken which may mean the baby is now growing consistently with each day and not losing nutrients.

Has anyone had the issue where there is a risk of Trisomy and then a second risk (due to bleeding) that the baby may not survive because of either of these? Any advice, experience or help is greatly appreciated.

We are so hopeful that we can rectify this with the rest and that the Trisomy will not be an issue. I am seeing another Ob tomorrow to get a second opinion, more so on the bleeding as I am really annoyed that if there is no Trisomy and I should have been on bedrest then why wasn't I told to. We feel slightly ripped off that bedrest could have fixed the bleeding and growth issue weeks ago, if that is the only issue which of course we don't know yet.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you can help!