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    Default what is classed as high ATA's (antithyroid antibodies)

    Hi, I have antithyroid antibodies. Apparently the norm is 50 and mine are in the 70s. I have been TTc for 2 years with no luck. In this time I had a miscarriage but that's it. Had my first round of IVF which failed. Only got 9 eggs, 5 immature, 4 good, only 2 fertilized. One ivf and one ICSI. Can anyone shed any light????

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    hi shloz, sorry i don't have any info to share on the ATA's. perhaps you could pop into our nk killer cells thread (in this section) as there may be ladies there who share the same issue. alot of us with immune issues seem to have a few issues grouped together, i'm not sure if that is because our immune systems are all inflammed.
    a lot of us see a doctor called Dr Matthias in Sydney, he is a Reproductive Immunologist. i have only just found him myself through the lovely ladies on our thread which includes people with a lot more knowledge than me. have you heard of dr alan beers book? it might also help point you in the right direction for treatment. all the best


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