Hi everyone,

My DS will be 12 weeks on Friday. He was 4kg when he was born and has out on weight well ever since (6.2kg at 8 wk check up). He's exclusively breastfeed.

He was fairly consistently feeding about every 3 hours during the day - 7/8am, 10/11am, 1/2pm and then around 5/5.30pm and last one about 7/7.30pm before bed at night. Over the last 2-3 weeks he's been waking once or twice overnight for a feed (the times vary a bit).

In the last week or so I've started to notice a change in his daytime feeds. He seems to be stretching out more from 3 hours to 3 1/2-4 hours and so I run out of time at the end if the day for that last feed. So yesterday he dropped the 5/5.30pk feed and fed at 6.30 but then woke up at 11pm and then 3.40am.

He doesn't sleep a lot during the day (45-1hr between feeds, longer if in the hugabub or on the bed with me). But he is generally happy.

Is this normal to be stretching out so much during the day? What should I be doing in the evenings to help him sleep more again?

Thanks for any help!