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    Some of these stories are terrible!

    I was I grade 5 so probably 11? Walking to school with a friend and a guy walked out from behind the bushes touching him self and we had to keep walking whilst he followed us touching himself as we still had about 1 km to get to school, it was reported to the police and the school but nothing further was done. What a creep!

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    My friend and I, when were 15, had an older guy ask us for directions and offered $$$ if we would hop in and show him where to go..
    Luckily we had our bikes so we just took off.

    Some scary stories on here..

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    My concern is that these creeps are still on the streets and every now and again you hear stories of children or young adults going missing. I know in many cases the teenagers may have runaway etc but there are other cases where you know something horrible has happened and someone out there knows what happened....

    The case near where l live is 12 year old Quanne Diec. She was on her way to school and never made it.

    The attempted kidnaps happen way too often and these people are probably encouraged by the fact that it is highly unlikely that they will get caught.
    What else can be done to keep our kids safe apart from teaching them about being aware of surroundings and stranger danger?

    As my kids are getting older l'm highly aware of dangers out there but at the same time l don't want to "cotton wool" them either.

    Do schools still teach kids about Stranger danger?

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    I had heaps of creepy stuff happen to me.

    I remember walking on a Sunday afternoon, and I heard this noise, looked over and I saw a guy wanking, just his hand and ****, between the vertical blinds. He was calling out to me.

    On my way to school one morning, I had to walk past a big empty house block, where the house had been demolished but the shed and cubby house had been left, and this guy steps out of the shed wanking, calling to me. I ran. Heard on the radio a few days later that police were looking for him. I told my dad and he decided he didn't want me to be involved in the court system.

    I got flashed by a guy on his bike, again, I was out walking.

    Out walking with my sister, some guy asked us for directions, my sister must have got a bad feeling, but I didn't, I went right up to his car, I'm not positive what happened next, but my sister grabbed my shirt and we were running.

    I think there's more. All these things happened from about age 8 to 13.

    My girls are NEVER going out alone ANYWHERE! Not even walking to the shops or a friends house. Or maybe these creeps use the Internet to trap young girls nowadays, and don't trawl around in their cars. But still, I want to protect my girls.

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    Night owl- dd's school does. She even brought a home reading book home that had a story regarding stranger danger. I used that story to reiterate the stranger danger message and we had a big discussion about it.

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    I only have one experience which I have written about before where my sister and I were accosted by a man who we later identified as a criminal.

    I see lots of unaccompanied children in town (Brisbane mall) in their school uniforms, some as young as 6 and they should be accompanied. I realise that parents have it tough these days juggling work and school pickups etc but we should be more diligent than we are. Kudos to those who won't allow their kids to walk to the shops alone or go to sleepovers. Yes, it may seem stifling to some but they're kids and they can get hurt in the blink of an eye. I had a young friend who was raped at a sleepover - by her friend's brother - when she was 12. Her parents decided they didn't want her to be part of the court system and did not press charges. This young bloke when onto commit more crimes and is now serving yet another lengthy sentence for the things he has done to women.

    I am confused by society at times. On the one hand we are told it takes a village to raise a child and then told to mind our own business when we raise concerns about that child. I don't get it.


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