Hi I feel for you it can be hard trying to figure out what is wrong and the right thing to give. My bub is ff (I don't produce milk) and we had him just on s26 gold his first few weeks he went from hard poops to foamy runny ones but he wasn't in any pain so the Dr said just keep a eye on him. At around 9 weeks he was in pain with every bottle he used to pull away from it crying and he was doing around 8 foamy poops a day that had chunks of unprocessed formula in them (sorry tmi) took him back to the Dr but our regular gp was away so we had to see her partner who barely looked at him and said he will get better and not change the formula. That night he pooped that much his little bum was blistered so against Drs advice I switched him to lactose free formula and the change was instant. I am glad I changed, when my regular Dr came back I told her about the change and she said that lactose free is definitley the way to go because it is sometime one small little protein in regular formula that is also in soy based and goats milk formula that can cause all sorts of upsets to some babies. Anyway I hope you find something that works and your little one gets relief soon