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    It's so nice to see some celebration of people's choices. As someone else said, why is it anyone else's business what/how you feed your kids?

    The whole judgment factor seems so strange to me...how many people would feel justified in judging parents over similar dietary factors wit older kids? I see it as being something like the difference between a balanced diet made entirely from scratch using whole foods, and a balanced diet that includes some processed foods. Sure, formula may not be "perfect", but nor is the diet that the vast majority of kids will eat when they're older. It's still a healthy balanced diet, and there can be so many more important factors when it comes to feeding a child (such as the family's sanity), than whether the diet they're consuming is nutritionally the best possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loodle View Post
    I am also a proud formula feeding Mum, I never produced anything not even colostrum so if there was no such thing as baby formula my children wouldn't be here, my children have not suffered from being ff, the older 2 are at the top of their classes and bub is reaching all his milestones either a little early or right on time.
    P.S Would like to add I am very close to my children and have a special relationship with each of them so I don't think I missed out on any bonding
    I find the bonding comments really silly. Anyone who meets me and my children can see that we have a bond! They are the most important people in my life, and their importance to me and the overwhelming love I have for them is the reason I chose to ff them in the first place.

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    I also ff. for a variety reasons.. But basically bub needed more calories than I could give and her volume needed to be monitored really closely, she has a congenital heart defect. I pumped for months and bottle fed...and needed motilium to keep it up...then someone said to me, 'if I prescribed you medication when breastfeeding you would be very careful about what you were taking, so why would you take medication to continue to breastfeed? '. This clicked for me and I thought, ff is the best for her! And just because I can here's a celebrating bottle feeding pic of my tiny dd attempting to hold the bottle herself and looking at me! ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1367740172.394779.jpg

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    I ff too! And i love it, my baby girl is happy and growing just like every other baby.

    I love it mostly because when I'm dealing with my sons (special needs) my dh can help feed DD.. Or if i need to take them to their many appointments sometimes siblings aren't allowed and my mum needs to mind DD I'm not limited like that.

    I dont feel like im doing anything wrong, im trying to make sure all three children are being taken care of the best way i can with all the hard stuff.

    DD loves her bottely and she holds onto my pinky with her little hand while i feed her, she stares in my eyes and its just me and her in the world at that moment.

    *60kilos lost*

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