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    Default 31 weeks & turned 40 yesterday - freaking out

    Hi ladies, after some reassurance from other older mums.. I turned 40 yesterday& the reality of having this baby really hit me ! I'm so scared of all the changes ahead.. I have had a bubba before (dd is 17 yrs old!) but was so much younger with more energy... Maybe it's hormones or my anxiety but I'm really stressing out with worry :-(

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    Hi Tan, I am pregnant with twins and will be 40 in June and the babies will be here in July. These are my first bubs so I have no idea what I'm in for really but I'm excited. I worried a lot about how I would handle pregnancy at my age, but it's been great so far, so that's given me confidence that I'll also handle the demands of sleepless nights etc. My feeling is that we just need to do whatever it takes to rest enough, look after ourselves and make our wellbeing important so that we can be the best mums we can with the most energy for our bubs. Are you generally an active person anyhow? If so, you're miles ahead of younger mums who are not, so age doesn't come into it. I reckon we older mums just have to work smarter, not harder. Prioritise what needs doing and relax and enjoy. I intend to make the time with my bubs the priority and let go of some of the other stuff I usually expect of myself. Be kind to yourself and take it as it comes.

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    I had my third baby at 40 and I have to say I have felt no difference with tiredness levels or how my body coped between now and 31 with my first bubs.

    I know for me it was a HUUUUGE change as I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted so that was quite a shock having to go from all that freedom to what I felt like was being house bound to a bub.

    We are only 40 not 80!! I am happy and healthy (and overweight but thats always an issue I have had) but I feel more content in my life then I did when I was 20 IYKWIM.

    Yes having babies is a big change and yes you will be tired but I think new mums will be tired at any age having to get up to newbies several times a night!

    Like the pp said....just try to relax and not overthink things. You are just a mum with a new baby. Thats all.



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