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    I saw two psychiatrists last yr and the mental health pregnancy clinic at the royal women's hospital in Melbourne regarding pregnancy and medications. Zoloft has been found to offer the lowest risks out of all the antidepressants to use during pregnancy but there are still some risks.
    Seroquel and lithium can increase a baby's chances of being born with a heart defect or cleft palate. The risk of any baby born with any type of defect minor or major in a mother on no medications is around 3%. If u are taking seroquel or lithium the chance increases by a couple of percent. It is still a low chance but something to strongly consider. The heart defect is specific to these medications.
    If you take lithium while pregnant you will need to increase your dose as the pregnancy progresses and then go off it immediately before the birth. After the birth u resume it but at your pre pregnancy dosage. It's not recommended to breast feed on lithium but the royal women's in Melbourne do offer support for mums who want to. They have a special clinic for mums on lithium. Seroquel is safer for breast feeding but still not recommended really. It may make the baby overly tired and floppy.

    My doc has said the post partum period is the most dangerous for mums with bipolar and there is a very high chance of getting a high during this time. It's important to have all ur doctors supporting you through the pregnancy and afterwards and ppl to help with the baby so u can keep your sleep regular. I know for me poor sleep makes me feel worse.

    I understand how u feel bout the weight. I don't think it's fair for ppl to say well I'd rather be happy and a bit fatter cos for some it can be really hard on your self esteem when you don't like the way your body looks. I had a terrible time with the medication induced weight gain. I've lost it all in the last 2.5 months and have worked really hard and feel so much happier to be gone with it. Given the situation again I would never take Zyprexa again and I would go straight to lithium or something else like lamotrogene. I felt so gross and hated the way i looked it made me more depressed and i never wanted anyone to see me or leave the house except to go to the doctors for many months on end. Anyway you'll find out all about your options once you see the psychiatrist you've booked in with. I wish you all the best.

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    Thanks so much everyone
    It means a lot

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    Hi, I know I am replying a few months later to this post, but I just posted a post about a very similar topic! Good to read about some other experiences.

    I have tried numerous drugs and also know the feeling of weight gain associated with meds. It's trial and error most of the time, and yes, if you put on weight it can affect your mood too, so sometimes the 'happy & cuddly' philosophy doesn't work.

    I didn't find Zoloft put on weight, in fact, I found I lost weight on Zoloft! I did have a lot of other side effects on Zoloft though, such as difficulty deciphering between reality and dreams, brain zaps, dizziness, and nausea. But all in all, I think it's a good drug. My dream drug is lithium though, apart from the blood tests (eek!). Worked like a charm with minimal side effects. I would go back on that after kids in a heart beat.

    Agree too, bipolar ppl need a mood stabiliser as well. I didn't find being on a SSRI alone was enough. But again, trial and error and everyone is different

    I hope it worked out for you JesskaMay. Did you and hubby try again for baby 2?


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